Friday, August 3, 2012


These stories are mostly TAGALOG and about ROMANCE.
I read these stories during summer, some are completed some are still ongoing.

  • Forever I'll Be Your Prince, Forever Be My Princess
  • She's Dating The Gangster
  • Talk Back and You're Dead (has book 2)
  • Never Talk Back To A Gangster (book 2 of above)
  • Three Words, Eight Letters, Say It I'm Yours (this has a book 2)
  • Three Words, Eight Letters, If I Say It Will I Be Yours? (this is the book 2)
  • My Facebook Boyfriend For Real?! (has a book 2)
  • STOP! In The Name Of Love Amen! (book 2 of the story above)
  • Mr.Cold The Heart breaker (has book 2)
  • The Tamer For The Heart breaker (book 2 of above)
  • Revenge Ni Miss Piggy
  • Campus Nerd Turned Campus Princess
  • 548 Heartbeats
  • I'm Dating The Ice Princess
  • Voiceless
  • Living Under The Same Roof (has book 2)
  • BitterElla
  • Her Secret Identity
  • Meet My Boyfriend
  • Bad Meets Evil (has book 2)
  • Be My Everything (book 2 of above)
  • Public VS. Private
  • Til They Meet Again
  • My Gangster Husband
  • We Are Married?!
  • Secretly Married
  • My EX and I
  • Boyfriend Kita?!
  • Di Kita Crush!
  • Ms. SUNNY meets Dark Prince
  • Break The Casanova's Heart Operation
  • Reyna ng Kamalasan
***I will update from time to time.
***If you can't find the link, comment below and I'll give the link of the story to you.